What is the best laptop?

tell me the best brand of laptop to use..


  1. ronbrendon says:

    if you dont care about the price, go ahead and build your own MAC PRO, and get their biggest SOLID STATE HARD DRIVE. you can fly with its speed and capabilities. no doubt..

  2. I am using Dell Inspiron with Ubuntu for the last 3 yrs and I’ve not face problem yet. So I would suggest to use Dell. If you are rich enough go for Mac Book Pro, that thing is really awesome!!

  3. Thrivikram says:

    hp(hawelet packard) laptops are best.

  4. Seeing how your asking this your either trolling or don’t know much about laptops, I would not recommend HP to anyone! If your new to laptops I would try a Dell, Hp I bought from them 2x and they have screwed me 2x they wanted to charge me 800 bucks to fix a problem they caused in there repair center and it was still in warranty!!! I would go with a Dell I bought one and haven’t had and issue yet. If your rich buy a M17 from alienware and your set to go! lol.

  5. In my opinion Compaq laptops would probably be classified as the worst and Toshiba / Dell being at the higher end… Dell laptops are good values but not really the best machines available. A year ago my employer gave me a top of the line Dell laptop and it is pretty nice

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