what is so bad about dell laptops?

what is so bad about dell laptops? alot of people say oh dont get a dell,lol,i was just wondering why? what is so bad about them??
i have had to dell laptops and they have both been fine
oh i totally agree on the customer support..that is a major issue,i bought a dell studio 1535 and when it arrived the LCD had gone in the screen,i told dell i didnt want it fixing i just wanted a working computer (fair enough isnt it) i also told them that i work online from home and that i was missing out on money and they didnt care,the calls i made to them cost me an extra £40 on my phone bill wich incurred a £28 bank charge and they just didnt care,i have got my laptop now and i love it but i wouldnt buy from them again purely because of the customer service.


  1. Dell Laptops are okay but after sometime you will end up having a problem with either the battery or the power-pack.

  2. Im a computer Repairman and from experience i always get dell computers second to emachines. the thing with dell is that, 1. yes its true they offer exellent customer service, but the bad thing is that they use cheap hardware to make theire computers. another serious problems with dell laptops are the hinges that hold the lcd up, they will become loose in a few months, leaving you with a constant hassle of readjusting the hindges. If you ever want to buy a reliable laptop, go for HP, or TOSHIBA. Now being that said, i dont mean buying a hp or toshiba with a celeron processor that is the worst desicion you could ever do. get dual core or better core 2 duo.

  3. theres nothing wrong with a dell but they were generally slated for their dull looks =D they are better now tho

  4. dell computer themselves are great and generally very reliable but heaven help you if you have an issue as there customer service is dire to say the least

    same for acer computers great if you get a working model but nightmare if you have an issue ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  5. joehoughton500 says:

    Dell have upped their game alot recently, but a while back they didnt used to use quality components, for instance it would have 512 ram but it would be of a slower speed than what i would call average.
    The batteries used to be bad compared to Toshiba or HP also.
    Plus Dell would always ship their laptops full of software which slows the computer down, now it seems like every company is doing this.
    Dell also has the worst customer support, ive heard of some really shocking cases.

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