What is difference between Notebook and Laptop?


  1. Every notebook is a laptop, but not every laptop is a notebook.

    It’s mostly a matter of the history of portable computers. Early portable computers (1980-1988) were self-contained with a display and keyboard. But they were still heavy and pretty big.

    Laptops starting showing up around 1986, and were smaller and light enough to actually carry around without throwing out your back, and put on your lap while you’re using it, if you really had to.

    Notebooks started becoming more and more popular starting around 1989. The features that distinguished them were large graphical displays, integrated pointer devices, and clamshell cases.

  2. You may be wondering what’s the difference between a notebook and a laptop computer? The answer depends on who makes it. Some Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) call their mobile computers "laptops" and some call them "notebooks". The terms are often used interchangeably. Lately, a new breed of terms have been popping up. Terms like deskbooks and Tablet PC’s.

    My personal distinction between a laptop and a notebook is this:

    Laptop computers are somewhat larger than notebooks and will accommodate a built-in disk drive unit and; optionally, a floppy drive unit. That is, a CD ROM drive is either built into the unit or the unit has a built-in bay that will accommodate a removable CD ROM drive.

    Notebook computers will allow you to attach, via cable, a CD ROM drive. ( Not always as I have one of HCL )Since the drive is not built into the unit, notebooks are smaller and lighter than laptops. Hence, a notebook is an ultra small laptop. Another way to look at it is a notebook is about the size (or a little larger than) of a real [binder] notebook.If you use note books are more harder than laptops as my laptop’s system dead twice but note book not.

    Deskbook computers often refer to mobile computers that can be considered as desktop replacement units. Deskbooks tend to be larger and heavier than average notebook/laptop computers. Generally the display units are 15 inches or larger. They tend to draw down battery power relatively quickly due to their powerful, but power-hungry, processors. If you are looking for the power of a desktop unit, with the freedom of mobility, then a deskbook may fit the bill.

    Tablet PCs are mobile computers with a twist. That is, you can literally twist the monitor. Being a Tablet means that the display screen will swivel on its base – usually 360 degrees. They generally allow you to capture handwriting and store it on the computer. Tablets are no more mobile than any other laptop or notebook.

  3. Notebooks will get hot enough to make men sterile, whereas people that buy laptops get an easy to win lawsuit.

  4. Well generally speaking laptops have a screen size of 15 inches and above. Notebooks have smaller screen sizes, 10 and 12 inches.

  5. Nothing, its just a hip way of saying it.

  6. Absolutely none.

    It is reputed that the name was changed from Laptop to Notebook because a woman in the US apparently got burnt badly on the legs using a laptop and sued for millions for medical expenses, skin grafts, distress blah blah.

    The Laptop Manufacturers went into a blind panic and changed the name so that it could not be inferred that it could be used in or on the lap.

    Bit like another woman who asked for extra hot coffee in a drive in, put in her lap to drive away, tipped it over and badly scolded herself and again sued for millions, because she didn’t expect it to be that hot!

    We have grown into what appears to be a culture of "It’s everyone else’s fault except my own caused by my own stupidity" so I will sue for millions.

    It could only happen in the good old US of A which seems a culture that we have now inherited in the UK!

  7. it is what it says, Laptop is full sized PC to put on a table with all functions. A notebook is slim sized, small screened computer without any media reader that is used to connect to mail and arrange pda’s or write notes and letters. Some do not even have a hard disk but use a flash memory to run them.

  8. A note book is a paper based product that you scribble in with a pencil, whilst a laptop is something you put your hands on whilst resting
    I would have thought that this was obvious to anybody…

  9. notebooks are slimmer…….i think

  10. mini-laptops-and-notebooks.com says:

    In short, there isn’t a difference, it’s just a different way of saying it.

  11. No difference but the size.
    A laptop computer, also known as a notebook computer, is a small personal computer designed for mobile use. A laptop integrates all of the typical components of a desktop computer, including a display, a keyboard, a pointing device (a touchpad, also known as a trackpad, or a pointing stick) and a battery into a single portable unit. The rechargeable battery is charged from an AC/DC adapter and has enough capacity to power the laptop for several hours.

  12. It’s the same. In the west, most ppl say laptop. In the east ppl say notebook.

    Don’t confuse notebook with netbook which is the very small version (10" and below) with very low specs.

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