what is better ipad or ipad mini?

i do not no what to get ipad or ipad mini because i am getting my kids one for there birtday


  1. Kevan Akaff says:

    they are the same but different a different size bu I would get the mini

  2. starpc11 says:

    Get them a ipad mini a awesome 7.0 tablet cost to much for me in other words out of my budget and it has games install on it mainly a angry birds star wars also tell the kids when you get to planet hoth on the game be prepared to use your brain to beat it, good media programs rated 5 stars

  3. in my opinion a Ipad is better because its bigger

  4. The iPad is better since it has better display and it a pointless as the mini. My opinion is to buy a kindle fire since its cheaper than both but as good as the iPad.

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