What is a dell windows 7 OEM?

I am building a PC soon and I know that the windows OEM are a lot cheaper. I have seen that there are things that are really cheap called dell OEMS. What I want to know is are these legal and if they are what are they? Are they any different to normal windows licensed OEMS and will they work on non dell PCs? If they do then will they work the same as normal windows or will they mess up my PC? Basically is the dell OEM exactly the same as normal windows and will it work exactly the same? The PC will be a gaming PC so will it effect my performance?


  1. A Dell OEM is usually an image that can only be used to restore a Dell. I can’t swear that every single one works this way, but most check to make sure your mobo is Dell-branded and won’t proceed if it is not. The Dell OEM is legally able to be used to restore a Dell PC, nothing else.

  2. Dell OEM OS are copies of Windows operating systems supplied by Microsoft to Dell as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). As far as being legal, they are not, unless installed by Dell in a new Dell computer and thereafter used to restore that original Dell computer. Cheers. ☼

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