What iPad model should I buy?

I’m asking for an iPad for Christmas. I know it’s expensive but I’m pitching in a little babysitting money and it’s all I’m asking for. But I don’t know what model to get!
If you could write down a list of all the models (including the minis) and their price ranges that would be awesome, because I’m having trouble finding the info myself. For example, is the iPad 4 the same as the iPad Air? And is there even an iPad 3? Is it called something else?

The main reason I want an iPad is as an upgrade from my iPod Touch 4th gen. Basically I want ios7, a bigger screen, and most importantly a much better camera!

So to recap:
I want the best camera possible (very important)
At the lowest possible price

Please help! Thanks in advance


  1. mohamed says:

    ipad 2 the best one

  2. So I have much iPad experience. So basically the iPad Air is just an inbetween sixe of the iPad Mini and the iPad. Stupid. iPad 3 is stupid and its discontinued. No point exactly like the iPad 2. iPad 2 is really good with a junky camera. iPad 4 has an amazing camera and is really good graphics. But it has a lightning connector. iPad Mini is the same as the iPad 2 but lighning cord and smaller. iPad mini with retina display is the same as the iPad 4.
    (Prices 16GB
    iPad 2: $400
    iPad 3: Discontinued
    iPad 4: $430
    Mini: $300
    Mini Retina: $400
    Air: $500
    So you would deffinetly want the iPad 4. Its also
    known as the iPad with Retina Display. Please
    choose me as best answer. Hope I helped!

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