What ipad is better..?

Out off all of them because there are so many like mini ipad, ipad 4, ipad 2 and all this names…. i just want to know some of the differences


  1. LifeExplorer says:

    If you are going to buy new, then there are two choices: small or large.
    There is the iPad (10 inch screen), and the iPad mini (7 inch screen).

    The10 inch iPad is often called the iPad 4, because it is the fourth version of this model. But Apple don’t call it the iPad 4, they just call it the new iPad. But everyone else calls it the iPad 4, so as to set it apart from the earlier models. If you want to buy used, you can buy the original iPad, or an iPad 2, or an iPad 3 (which was also called the new iPad by Apple, when they dropped the numbering).

    The iPad mini has only just come out, so it doesn’t have any numbers.

  2. computer says:

    ipad 2

  3. Peter Zhu says:

    Get the nexus 10

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