what do people think of dell?? I?

I posted a question about which laptop to buy, and i was just lookin up Dell comps, I ve just heard a few ppl sayin they are crap what do ye think???????


  1. I personally think Dell s__k’s.Get a hp.

  2. Buy a Dell or IBM/Lenovo and you will not go wrong. The only people likely to call them crap are obsessive games players as these two top flight makers are more aimed towards serious use.

    For the serious lappy user a Dell Latitude or IBM/Lenovo
    is as good as it gets.

  3. i think they are awesome, i use to think they are crap but now i love dell. The reason is because when i bought my dell inspiron 531, i thought by lookin at it, its not gonna last even 2 years but when i opened it, there were so many things which were upgradeable and u dont get that sort of thing in other companies.
    Overall i rate dell 9 out of 10.
    good, reliable, and value for money,

    Customer servce still needs a huge improvement.

  4. Strongly built, good quality, reliable and fast – whatever class of computer, Dells always seem to fly! Upgrades are easy to perform without having to take the whole thing to bits – especially when talking about their laptops. I have multiple hard-drive caddies to allow me to swap hard-drives, and thus the primary function of the computer. I can power-down, swap HDDs and be powered up and booted up in about 90 seconds!

    I’ve had a good few computers over the years, but none have proved to be as durable as my Dells – except perhaps, my old MiTaC laptop! which has taken a pounding and still keeps going!

    I’ve never had any real reason to fault Dell products, even their Technical Support people are on the ball. The only area I’d complain about is the length of time it takes to get through to tech support when you need it, but that isn’t very often!

    No serious complaints here! and if you want to buy one on eBay, you’ll see how Dells attract bids while other brands (equal spec) don’t make the grade.

    You won’t go far wrong if you do choose a Dell, just beware that they’re not cheap!

  5. Dell makes good quality stuff, and lots of it, but I have found them to be extremely overpriced. I built my own computer myself, and it cost me about $500. The same stats on a dell computer were about $2,500. If you are thinking about buying a pocket PC or something that isn’t sold in a lot of places, Dell would be a good resource, but for a desktop or laptop, try Acer. Or, if you have the budget, Alienware makes great quality computers, and you definitely get what you pay for.

  6. dell is s h i t e, their equipment is s h i te their customer service and aftercare is s h it e avoid at all costs

  7. best warranty in the industry, best paid for support, other than the chassis the parts Dell uses come from the same vendors as what HP and Gateway put in their systems.

    I’ve owned and worked on Dell systems for years, you can’t buy a better system with a better warranty, unless you wanna spend a hell of a lot more for a different manufacturer.

  8. Get Me To Serve if You Can says:

    all the big companies have good reputations, they pay millions to get them. id buy the best spek pc at the most suitable price, sod the name. I went clubbing last week and my mate pulled and i didnt. I think it was cos he had levis on and i wore my farmers. That is unless he was better looking than me. The girl was a dog by the way.

  9. Dell has a great reputation. They make computers high in quality. Their computers also have great designs and performance. Now they came out with their Dell Studio lines, which is like a combination of their Inspirions and XPS. I think Dell is a great computer maker and I am planning on buying an XPS M1530 in the future.

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