what defrence between netbook and notebook?


  1. notebooks are just laptops, its another name for them , netbooks are smaller, have less power and do not have a cd/dvd drive

  2. A NetBook is a cut down version of a notebook. Commonly limited to a 10.5" screen, with a low power intel atom processor, 1GB of RAM and no CD drive and windows 7 starter edition.
    A notebook has none of these limitations.

  3. Notebook is just another name for a laptop.

    A netbook is a smaller device — like a mini-laptop — designed more for internet access than anything else. It has a small (usually solid state) hard drive, and no optical drive (aka DVD drive). The small size makes them very portable, and they’re more affordable than a laptop, but they have those minor limitations.

  4. Netbooks are smaller with less processing graphics and speed than a note book. Their usually cheaper too. The line up goes netbook>notebook(laptop)>sleekbook>ultrabook. A sleekbook would be like a macbook air. An ultrabook a macbook pro, a notebook like a regular macbook and a netbook like an ipad. Netbooks are usually for typeing and surfing web. Notebooks are like standard a sleekbook is like a notebook but sleeker and an ultrabook is a notebook on steroids.

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