What can I write in a notebook?

I need a few ideas of what I can write in a new notebook I got, I’ve already done a notebook full of quotes any other Ideas?


  1. You could write down your daily life, a trip (if you’re going on one), your childhood memories…
    If you’re a writer, you can take it with you to describe the people you see in the tube, etc.
    And because spring is back, you can press flowers between the pages! And write where you found them, their name, why you like them…

  2. You could imagine that you’re a police man in 1910 and write down suspects names :P

  3. PinkBeliever says:

    A book.
    you should call it
    ‘the notebook’.

  4. I’ve written a book of quotes before, I didn’t get very far though. Congrats for filling it!

    Hmmm, lists? You could fill it with cinema or train tickets? Maybe song lyrics would be fun. Anything that grabs you, anything at all. Or you could try for a break in the theme and just fill it with daily observations. My favourite notebook is this plain little thing that’s lost its back cover and is all soft-cornered; it’s full of notes, random lines that I came up with/heard somewhere which I thought were cool, little paragraphs from the novel I’m writing, and a few different things.

    I liked the flower-pressing idea, though I think you might need a certain type of paper for that to work and as you already bought the notebook it might be tricky. (I also liked the 1910 idea, but I accidentally gave it a low rating. So sorry ^^;)

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