wait for ipad 3 or dont?

i want to get an ipad but do you think that i should wait for the new ipad 3 that should come out in november? do you think the new features will be worth it or should i just get an ipad 2 now?


  1. Arun Manuel says:

    If you are open to other tablets I think the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be a great buy
    Its really good and thinner than the iPad 2 , has a good processor and sleek design .

  2. David Ma says:

    its gonna come out in 2012, between september and october is when iphone 5 is gonna be released.
    just wait for ipad 3, as quoted by some dude in apple: "its the tablet to really jump for joy"

  3. unrealdude says:

    iPad 2 is already like half a year old, I’d wait for the iPad 3; the improvements, even if minimal, will likely make it the same cost you would pay now for a lesser product.

  4. Random Name says:

    Unless you really want the newest one wait until the 3 comes out and buy the 2, it gets much cheaper when a newer one is out.

  5. browneyed says:

    the ipad 3 will cost more and you have to wait, AND the features are probly going to similar. the ipad 2 just came out, id get the ipad 2

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