urgent: advent laptop charger on toshiba laptop?

this is very urgent. . .i broke my laptop charger and i found another one which belongs to my brother’s laptop but is not used anymore. . .i can’t use my charger no matter what i do with/to it so i decided since my brother’s laptop charger fits my laptop and it works, i would use it for now. but the problem is i’ve got toshiba laptop and the charger i’m using now is from an advent laptop. would something bad happen? or is it ok to continue using it?


  1. you should compare the 2. the toshiba will say something like input 100-240V~50-60hz
    output 19V~4.74A or whatever. the other one should be about the same. but if it’s working now then you probably are ok. i would still get a replacement.

  2. it shouldn’t but i am unsure

  3. Check and see if they have the same output voltage and the same tip. As long as these are the same, you should be fine. However, there are always exceptions and it might harm your laptop in the long run.
    I would get a replacement laptop charger just in case.

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    Hope this helps! Best of luck

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