Upgrade my dell dimension 1100 computer?

I have a dell dimension 1100 and i would like to know how to make it better at playing games, what things on it could i upgrade? Also does it have a graphics card slot or anything like that? p.s not very good with technical things :) . thanks in advance.


  1. You could try upgrading the memory and hard drive, BUT the chip is not likely to be upgradeable, so there could be little or no noticeable improvement. Also, buying individual parts, with installation costs. would be expensive.

    I would find a new one with HD ability. There are others with high-res gamers graphics, but these have been liable to faults. Look for ones with min 6Gb RAM, which can be found at low to mid-range prices.

  2. Gary Crant says:

    A Dell Dimension 1100 must now be 7/8 years old and you will find it nigh on impossible to upgrade any of the components. I wouldn’t waste effort or money in trying to do so

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