UK Dell Question?

In the UK Dell offer hardware support and accidental damage cover. Do i need to get both to be fully covered?! is there overlap in policies between them? i’m a student and my laptop will be moving about alot with me so is it worth taking either of these covers? or both? I know everyone says its a con but int he place where i work we operate a similar system and stuff gets replaced no hassle… any thoughts? :-D


  1. Dell give one year of hardware support which is the same as the rest of the industry.Accidental damage is not needed. Definitely take out Hardware support. If, you have not, yet purchased the Dell computer then go to where you can buy a new computer at a reduced price with the full one year warranty.The prices of these computers are reduced due to one of the following reasons:
    1] A cancelled order
    2] A change in specification
    3] A scratch on the surface of the computer

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