Toshiba or Acer (laptop)?

Right, so I was thinking of getting an HP Pavilion DV7, but I’ve been getting people telling me to stay away from them because they won’t last.

Reconsidering, I’m now also comparing Acer Aspire AS5740-5255 and Toshiba Satellite A505-S6030. Obviously the Toshiba has a lot more features and costs a lot more, but is it worth it?
The Acer will meet my needs as far as systems go, so it pretty much comes down to which is a better investment.

I’m looking for a solid system that’ll last me several years, since I’m a student and can’t afford to keep buying computers every year or two.
There are also different Toshiba Satellite models for less, I’m noticing. Could someone tell me what’s so great about these, since they seem to be popular?


  1. babyboii has no idea what he’s talking about… the toshiba has a far superior processor and also Acer is not nearly as reliable as the toshiba.

    I would definitely go with toshiba.

    Check out laptop reliability at the below link and skip the acer:

    you can do some light gaming with the 310m video card. the beefy processor definitely helps also. i have the 310m and can play modern warfare 2, batman arkham asylum, etc. not at the highest quality settings but i definitely think the games till look good at around medium detail. the reason you can get some gaming done with this card is the resolution. 1376×768 isn’t something like 1080p where it would certainly be struggling. but yes it is certainly not a gaming maching with that card but you can get in some light stuff.

  2. topofga says:

    The reason the other Toshiba models are popular is strickly price. The Toshiba is at least 3 times the Acer machine.
    Better video
    Better processor
    Better Audio
    Better DVD
    larger screen
    larger hard drive

    Down sides are the weight (1/2 pound heavier), battery life. However, if you plan on gaming the Acer will not handle it.

  3. babyboii says:

    acer… better brand better intel core

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