to dell or not too dell?

im looking at buying a new laptop & thinking about dell, i need it to produce invoices etc for my work & be able to operate adobe photo shop, are dell as good as anyone else? i’m abit concerned about their back up service if anything goes wrong
whats the majority opinion


  1. I only ever brought a computer from Dell once – I wouldnt ever reapeat the experience it was not good. The Pc was very noisy and failed shortly after the warantee ran out. It was a desktop though and I dont know if the notebooks are any different. I use a Mac these days and it suits me well.

  2. Dell is a good company to purchase a laptop from. I have 2 laptops, 1 over 5 years old. I would get another in a second. I had 1 issue with a hand head a while back, and was shipped a replacement overnight.

    They have good deals and great coupons available at including a 20% off $999 laptop coupon.

    Good Luck.

  3. I have a Dell Desktop, its 5 years old. It is great! It has crashed 3 times in 5 years and I had to re-install XP each time. I am still well pleased. It is used for work and several progams like adope shop. I am now looking to add a laptop.

    From what I have heard from asking and what I have read ( Consumer Reports and PC World, etc.) Dell does not have the same reputation with thier laptops as with the desktops! I’ve looked at HP and Compaq (which HP owns) and some others. Acer has an Intel dual processor with 1 Gig. memory, DVD burner, WiFi, etc. on special sale right now. They have another that has a the next faster processor for $100 bucks more and a similar config, but larger HD and some other slight upgrades. These two systems are probally a minimum 2-3x’s faster and better than my Desktop. They are both portable vs stationary, Desktop. The only minus is the battery, make sure you have a better one plus the one they give you or at least a bigger one. You get the plug to run on AC if battery is down and AC is available (whe you’re out of the office.) But you know your out of office needs! They also offer an adapter for the car. As far as I am concerned I’m buying mine today as a replacemnt for my desktop, which I’ll still keep and use in a less active role. Also getting a larger external Disk drive for backups. The only negative I see is the batteries overheating. Check with the sales reps. about that and the solutions and the config. you need. I read an article about three years ago, talking about laptops, being repacements for the desktiops. This has happened for me. Acer is what I am trying , not telling you to use this manufacurer. Check them out for you.
    Hope I’ve given you some incite!

  4. if you can understand a foreign person for tech support then go with dell i always get pissed because you cant understand a dam thing they are saying you have to have it absolutely quiet in your house to hear them………ps if you get a dell good luck

  5. Fifi L'amour says:

    I bought a Dell laptop about a year ago and I have used it every day since. I am extremely pleased with it.
    I convinced my Mum to buy a set of Dell machines for her office and they have also worked brilliantly.
    Their customer service has always been top class on the rare occasions I have had to ring them.

    One thing I will say about Dell, thiugh, is that it is best to order online, and to go through all the components you are offered with a fine-tooth comb. Make sure that the system has everything you will need and none of the things you won’t – you don’t want to pay money for stuff you won’t use. Get advice from someone who knows about pc’s if you are not certain what to get.

  6. Dell is still good as with Gateway and HP. I prefer to buy PC’s where their HQ’s are based in America. You get what you pay for in service. If you get the Gold service then your treated like royalty, and so on…. It doesn’t matter how well a company backs up their PC’s in warranty service. If you PC crashes, you’ll lose data. More important than the PC is the DATA that’s on it. It can cost you $500 to $2500 to recover lost data, and even then that not guaranteed. You can alway buy a new pc. But to recover lost data can be devastating, loss of time & money & Information.

    Back up your PC Data. Copy files etc.. onto an external hard drive every day, week, or month. depending on your business & how often the information on your main PC changes. Like all your invoices. You’ll surely want to back that up. If this is for business write it off the Back up hard drive on your taxes, but you should back up the data. check out the link to give you an idea of what to look for when your shopping.

  7. says:

    I’ve had a dell for 3 years – it’s been extremely reliable. Their customer service at the time of purchase was excellent. They are very good value to buy. Service has been good even after the warranty period expired though this can be expensive so really think hard about getting an extended warranty but check what is included.

    Their online support is excellent as they build each item to order and you can access the configuration and manuals etc. online at any time.

    You should be able to specify additional software etc at the time of purchase like photoshop and/or office 2007 – they often offer discounts. Also bear in mind ordering something more powerful than your current requirements e.g. a larger hard drive and memory than you think you need.

    I would also recommend getting the best spec sound and video card you can afford to make the experience with Microsoft Vista as good as possible.

  8. I bought a dell inspiron and was always pleased with it and the service that came with it. Have you checked out any of their notebooks lately?

  9. carantanum says:

    Very pleased with my Dell Inspiron Laptop, planning to get a Dell Latitude next.
    If you are worried, get a 3 year warranty (will also be cheaper than a 3 year warranty for, say, a Sony laptop).

    Some computer shops can order a Dell laptop for you – i.e., you go to the shop, pick any laptop and configuration you want and the laptop will be delivered to the shop, where you then pick it up. You pay to the shop and not directly to Dell.
    In Glasgow, there’s a shop called Laptops Direct, which offers 5%off Dell laptops (so it’s cheaper to buy there than directly onlune) and 10% off for businesess. Cool, huh?
    And they’ll probably throw in a free optical mouse or a bag…

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