this is about Dell Warrenty?

If i modify my dell computer what will happen to my warrenty

two answers and thats it


  1. tanika971 says:

    i agree with answer 2 i’m afaid.

  2. What warranty ?
    I believe you get 90 days :-) [unless you were foolish enough to sign up to their Extended Warranty rip-off .. in which case, I suggest you read the Terms & Conditions ...typically you are not even allowed to open the case ..]

  3. Not sure about the hardware, but i know that if you change the operating system, the warrenty still stands

  4. brianthesnail123 says:

    hi AJ
    most warrantys are deemed void if you make any modifications to the p.c or laptop
    this includes adding graphic cards,hard drives and optical drives,and even if you just open your case to investigate a hardware problem the warranty will become void
    i believe you can contact your p.c,s manufactuer if you need to open you case for any reason,and as for hardware upgrades dell would recommend you use their hardware upgrades
    however dells own hardware is significantly more expensive than similar hardware found on oline retailers sites which is basically the same hardware,dells hardware is only different because its tested by them and they stick a dell logo on the hardware
    if in doubt contact dell(0870 906 0010) and have any relevant information ready such as make and model and any paperwork from the original purchase
    good luck a.j !

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