Thinking about buying Dell Inspiron 15?

I am thinking of buying a Dell Inspiron 15 for college next year. I was just wondering what other peoples thoughts were on this laptop, and if it was any good for I need it for. I would also possibly use it for playing Sims 2. Thanks for any advice you could give me.


  1. I’m looking to buy it for college too this year. It sounds like a good deal but I think it might be worth it to buy the 4GB one for 700 dollars or so because I have a iPod so music and I play Sims too and for storing presentations etc…the 4 GB might be worth it. But, overall people recommend it and I’m going to go pitch this to my dad haha!

    Comparing the 2 deals

  2. blackcarbond says:

    well im thinking about getting one myself and ive heard the dell studio 15 (way more money) is crap and the dell inspiron 15 is great for games to play plus theyre only 449 thats the best youll get at dell for any good labtops dont get the mini it has no features!

  3. Get a dell with a discrete graphics card if you’re going to be gaming. The Dell Studio 15 is a better choice:

    Just remember to configure it with the "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450".

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