The Notebook???

Has anyone seen this film?? What did you think of it??

Did you cry much??

If you haven’t seen it I challenge you to watch it without crying =p


  1. I’ve seen it but I thought it was a bit contrived. I didn’t cry at all & before you think I’ve got a rock where my heart should be – I am usually a sucker for sad movies and I even cried at the Lion King but this film was just so hyped up when it was released that I was actually pretty disappointed by it when I eventually watched it. A real heartbreaker of a movie would be something like Moulin Rouge, the Phantom of the Opera, Braveheart or Atonement.

  2. I thought it was the best love story/chick flick ever made!!
    Every girl in the theater was crying at the end, then laughed cuz it was quiet and they realized everyone was was hilarious, you had to be there, i guess…Great movie though…

  3. I loved the movie, but I didn’t cry at all and I’m a very emotional person.

  4. sandra♫ says:

    Best and favorite movie!! loved it!! ive seen it millions of times and never get tired of it!!

  5. amazing filmm

  6. Memoriesfaded says:

    I loved it, and yes i cryed :]

  7. ☮♥Beatles All You Need Is Love♥☮ says:

    It’s so beautiful! I cried at the end where they both….well you know…. =’[!!!

    Whoever CAN’T cry watching this or any other movie like this has a cold heart.

  8. I saw part of it last year and decided I wanted to see the rest of it. I watched it all the way through last month and cried from about half way through to the end:) It’s an amazing film.

  9. kal_10124 says:

    never saw it but read the book.

    really good book and I never had the desire to see the movie

  10. strawberryred says:

    omg i loved it. yes i cried the ending was so sad

  11. I’ve seen it several times and cry every time. I agree. The message is about friendship. Deep and never dying love. It show’s that people can work out their differences and stay together for life. I only hope that I get to go at the same time as my loved ones. Wouldn’t it be great to travel together to that other place with companions that you love?

  12. suzy2423 says:

    I’ve seen it a millions times but I didn’t cry.

  13. STFU! Whoreee says:

    I seen it 4 times in 9th grade all during the same week in one class. haha.. I loved the movie. Ryan Gosling was pretty amazing.. and Rachel McAdams and him were a cute couple…

    I cried at the end.. that was hard not to cry!


  14. !=]<3Single And Proud Of It&l says:

    i love this movie its my favorite n the first time i watched it all i did was cry but now after seeing it a few times(meaning 10000 times) im better

  15. Yes, I’ve seen it like 5 times!!! It’s incredible, sad, really romantic!! I didn’t cry at all, I felt like it, but I usually watch horror movies so I’m desensitized ;)

  16. good romantic movie
    i cryed. and… im afraid to say… im a guy

  17. im a guy and i cried… its amazing

  18. punksbaby says:

    Yea, I’ve seen it and I think its sweet. I am going to add it to my collection.

  19. It’s one of my all time favorite movies. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have great on screen chemistry. They are also both extraordinary actors so their characters were so believable. It’s a beautiful love story and yes I bawled the first few times I watched it. I’ve seen it tons of times, but I still tear up :)

  20. yvonne0509 says:

    yeah i cried
    i really enjoyed it though
    good story

  21. Brydie x ;) says:

    My favourite film of all time!!
    ..Yes i cried, a lot.. first time watching it, i love it! <3
    wish i could have someone like that :( haha

  22. 28 year old male here..And I must say that’s the only movie that ever made me cry.

  23. OMG I loved that movie!!!!!The end was soo sad but you were still happy to see them die together!!! I still cry thinking about it!!!

  24. Fergalicious says:

    i watchted it and cry for everything!
    I love romanitc movies, my husband and daughter laugh at me the whole time!
    Boo hoo to them!
    we rock =p

  25. oh this movie is beautiful! i like it alot! it did make me cry in the end. such a cute love story!

  26. x.Alex.x says:

    Its amazing isn;t it? I Watch it a lot, even wut my boyfirnd. I Cry every time!! x x

  27. tongue in cheek says:

    yeah i saw that a few months ago

    (im a guy) i didnt cry but i really really enjoyed it, very affecting and good performances by the lead couple

  28. xxsarahxxilyxx says:

    that is my favorite movie ever!! i cry soo mcuh during that movie!! but its the bomb!!

  29. Jebbeees says:

    i love it!!!
    umm allittle not really=D

  30. AutumnAngyl says:

    I am a big fan of the movie and the book. I haven’t been able to get through either of them without crying my eyes out. Nicolas Spark (the author of "The Notebook) is really good at writing touching stories. You should check out "A Walk to Remember" if you like "The Notebook".

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