the notebook or titanic?

i need a good cry, which one should i watch..the notebook or titanic?


  1. Pocket Friend says:

    I would go with the Notebook. It may not be based on a real event, but if you do the research on the titanic you find out that the guy Leo plays had actually survived and did this by getting on one of the half full life boats when he wasn’t suppose to. That small difference on how they mad the movie just turns me off So I always go with the Notebook.

  2. we'restillyoung says:


  3. gummybear says:

    titanic haha i cry every single timeeee

  4. notebook

  5. Brittany says:


  6. shadylady says:

    Titanic hands down!!

  7. Charlotte says:

    I like Titanic. It represents love, truth and horror. I could watch that movie all day. U know, my great-grandmother was born 5 years after she sunk. And yes. Titanic was a girl ship.

  8. Titanic is a very sad movie, but Notebook is a even sadder movie. Titanic is based on a true story though but the movie is more like a love story.

  9. Titanic definitely,
    Its much more sad, and honestly, I could only watch the notebook once, it was no longer surprising,

    but titanic is a movie i can watch time and time again, and still hold out hope that jack may survive, or that they may turn the boat in time..
    it still has that suspense for me

  10. titanic

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