The new iPads comparison?

What is the difference between The new iPad, The newer new iPad & the iPad Mini?


  1. The only new difference the iPad mini has is its size. Almost everything else is identical. If you are looking at either product to buy you might also want to compare it to the Kindle Fire as well, as that is much cheaper and can do most of the same stuff. I thought Average Joe’s Comparisons had a good review of the two.

  2. The new ipad and the newer new ipad are basically the same. The difference between these two is the 4th generation has a cpu and gpu which is twice as fast and powerful as the 3rd generation and they have replaced the dock connector with a lightning port. The ipad mini is basically a bigger iphone 4s with a A5 chip and a led split display with IPS. The ipad 3 and ipad 4 have got A5X and A6X chips respectively and they both have a retina display. Apple has removed the retina display from the ipad mini to reduce the cost.

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