The new ipad or ipad 2 ?

Is the new iPad worth 0 more dollars


  1. I’ve had the iPad 2 for a few months and I absolutely love it. The back camera isn’t the best but since it’s a tablet, its hard to take pictures with anyway. I haven’t seen the retina display yet so I can’t say much on that but the graphics on the iPad 2 are pretty good. Ive heard the new iPad gets really hot easily and after a short time, gets too hot to touch. I have never had that problem with my iPad. Also I heard you can’t FaceTime with the 4g so if you care about that it will be a problem. It all really depends on what you prefer.

  2. Personally, in my opinion, the ipad 3 is worth that extra $100. Especially because apple offers free financing plans. They’re just better designed and are supposed to be better (obviously what is always expected in an update).

    I literally just bought my ipad 3 20 mintues ago and I don’t regret it :)

  3. Yes it is. If you have the extra $100, you should definitely buy it. The retina display is totally worth it. You might as well have the latest and greatest.

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