The iPad or iPad mini?

I’m debating which one to buy. I have the first gen iPad, but it’s time for an update. I’m not really much a game player, but I do like to read a lot. The only thing stopping me from the mini is that apple decided not to give it retina display. So, what do YOU think?
Ps. Don’t tell to get an android tablet. This is just between iPad and iPad mini.


  1. ipad mini
    the retina display is basically useless

  2. Coolgirl says:

    I agree with Debbie..
    I love the iPad mini and I love it more than my iPad
    It’s easier to hold

  3. Francisco says:

    I pad

  4. I have the iPad 2 and I love it! I love the big screen but if your just using it to read books? Then why not get the iPad mini it will be easier to hold in your hands than the iPad?

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