Survey: Desktop or laptop ?

Which do you prefer?
Laptop for me because it can be taken anywhere


  1. Janet (TGJT) says:


  2. Starless eyes. says:

    I like Desktops better.

  3. Soapy_Raindrop says:


  4. Desktop.

  5. Atlanta Braves fan says:


  6. cloud 9 (Katapliktikos) says:

    Laptop.Well it was the best gift i’ve ever had. I wouldn’t know you if it wasn’t for my laptop. :)

  7. says:

    Laptop cos its portable

  8. ~ Funky Munky ~ says:

    Laptop, wouldn’t be without it now.

  9. Laptop for me, then i can sit where i like.

  10. Philkillens Lover Forever. says:

    Ditto. Laptop for me.

  11. Yeah laptop for me also, xx

  12. Lost In Coma& Covered In Cake♥=] says:

    I find it so much easier to type on a laptop…i can type so much fastter because im used to it.

  13. Laptop

  14. smithzer0502 says:

    yeah laptop for me too, and for the same reason, i have a desktop in my sittingroom so my kids are constantly annoying me for a "go" of it, plus i have to listen to cartoons in the background non stop :(

  15. Caribbean Breeze says:


  16. Jonathan Woodruff says:

    Laptop because it can be taken anywhere.

  17. Kitty Cat<3 Meow! says:


  18. Prefer laptop…but have desk one.;-)

  19. the archer says:

    Survey: Desktop.

  20. luludoodie says:

    Laptop but would now look at 10" netbook as I don’t do lots of bulk typing so smaller keyboard doesn’t worry me.

    Netbooks also come with XP so anything to get away from VISTA (and get back to XP) would get my approval!

  21. Cooking Fat in a J mental moodx says:

    laptop my love xxx

  22. I have a laptop
    but would not mind having a desktop

  23. SKYPILOT says:

    Desk top.

  24. pinkkittenliverpool says:

    I love my desktop…..but think laptops are more desktop for me and a loan of my boyfs laptop

  25. mardigras_00 says:

    Laptop if i’m interested in portability, my desktop if I’m serious about getting some real work done!

  26. lollipop says:

    I agree with you!

  27. Laptop

  28. lulurfat says:

    I like my desktop better since they can handle games better then laptops. But my desktop is broken right now so stuck with my laptop. Brand new though, got it during black Friday. :)

  29. ΜiΜi☮♥ says:

    I’d prefer a desktop but I have a laptop. I’d prefer a desktop b/c they seem to last longer, I’ve been through 2 laptops in 3 years.

  30. Happy Murcia says:

    Laptop with no mouse

  31. Laptop,

  32. prefer my úber desktop but i also have a laptop

  33. desktop

  34. ♥J.N.F.♥ says:


  35. Laptop

  36. willow glitter says:

    laptop for the exact same reason as you!! x

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