static noise from my laptop?

I have a Satellite laptop that I’m trying to connect to my Memorex – SA-302 Stereo Amplifier but i get a lot of static fee back coming from the laptop. Even bringing the 3.5 cable near my laptop gives me feedback.

The sound system works find with my phone, but i get feedback when i put the phones volume high.

My question is, how do i reduce the feedback from my laptop?
Yep im using a AUX cable that has a 3.5 at one end and a white and red pins at the other end. and i still get the noise if the laptop is unplugged.


  1. Stewart says:

    Ask jeeves ;-)

  2. wombat_one_1999 says:

    Did you try unplugging the laptop power cord from the wall and using the laptop on battery power only?

    Are you using AUX jacks on the Memorex?

    You may have an impedence mismatch between the laptop phones output and Memorex audio inputs.

    You may need a sheilded audio cable from the laptop to the Memorex.

    You could be overdriving the audio card in the laptop.

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