Pink Sony VAIO Laptops

Sony VAIO laptops are well-known for offering high performance, quality and reliable laptops that look just as good as they perform.

A Pink Sony Vaio Notebook in use

The SONY VAIO Laptop Range

Sony offer a full range of laptop computers to suit all spectrums of the market, from light and portable netbooks to ultra-high performance business notebooks. Four of Sony’s laptop products are available in pink:

CW Series

Sony Vaio CW Series Pink Laptop ComputersA 14″ notebook with a compact, sleek design with rounded corners, a well laid-out keyboard and with energy saving features including a display-off button.

The CW series has a high-end specification and is upgradeable with a choice of high performance processors, a Blu-ray burner, high-spec graphics card and up to 500GB hard drive.

NW Series

Sony VAIO NW Series Pink LaptopsA 15.5″ entry level laptop designed specifically for home users. Ideal for watching movies with a 16:9 aspect 15” widesreen display and includes an HDMI port for best possible connectivity to high definition devices. The high-end models also incorporate a Blu-ray player.

The carefully designed keyboard provides comfortable precision typing and a special web button allows instant internet surfing without the need for a full boot-up.

With Intel processors, a range of memory and storage options the NW Series represents great value when compared to other notebooks in its class.

SR Series

Sony VAIO SR Series Premium Laptop in PinkA premium 13.3” notebook with advanced display, high powered Intel Centrino 2 Processor Technology and up to 4GB of memory – and with up to five hours of cable free computing, you can work wherever and whenever you want.

One of the best looking laptops around with a cylindrical hinge and ultra-slim X-Black screen. Weighing-in at just 1.9Kg one of the lightest performance laptops on the market.

W Series

Sony VAIO W Series 10-inch netbook computer in pinkA 10.1″ sub-notebook or netbook aimed at young computer users and those who need a compact and reliable mobile computing option.

Using Intel’s Atom Intel Atom Processor N280, with 1GB of RAM and a 160 GB Hard Drive. Like most netbooks the Sony W Series utilises Windows XP operating system for ultimate performance and reliability.

Y Series

13-inch pink laptop from the Sony Vaio Y Series RangeThe Vaio Y Series is one of Sony’s premium range and very high performance laptop coupled with class leading design and reliability. Lightweight and slim the Y Series features a  13.3-inch wide screen format diplay and a decicated graphics card, 4 GB of RAM memory and 320 GB hard drive.

The magnesium alloy casing helps keep the weight down to weel below 2Kg and the high performance Li-Ion battery will keep you going for up to 9 hours without the need for a recharge.

The Vaio Y Series is well designed and makes an ideal business class laptop for work or for home use.

P Series

Lightweight 8 inch Sony PSeries Netbook ComputerThe new Vaio P Series is an 8-inch netbook which combines portability with great design and computer power to provide a truly mobile networking solution.

The P Series is small and light enough to be carried around in a handbag or coat pocket but is powerful enough to carry out almost any task. And with built in Wi-Fi as well as 3G connectivity as standard you should never be far away from a reliable internet connection.

At just over 600 grams the Sony P Series is half the weight of a standard netbook but has twice the power with 2 GB of RAM and will keep going for up to 5 hours without the need for a recharge.


VAIO is the sub-brand name of Sony’s personal computer division and is an acronym which stands for: Visual Audio Intelligence Organiser. The phrase was created by Sony designer Timothy Hanley to emphasise that VAIO notebooks are home entertainment centres which include audio and video as well as being just computers.

Good design is at the heart of Sony’s brand and the company have a network of design centres around the world with the aim of adapting and tailoring each of their products depending on local needs. The main design centre in Tokyo provides the general direction for the development process and centres in LA, Shanghai, Singapore and London make relevant changes to ensure the product will reflect the tastes and needs of the local market.

Sony employs over 180,000 people worldwide – 67% of who work directly for the electronics division. Sony have invested extensively in their manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, including the Sony Manufacturing Centre in Bridgend, and Technology Centre in Pencoed, Wales

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