sony Vaio Web cam problems?

I’ve got a Sony Vaio laptop with built in camera, i’ve tried to install it but the input isn’t showing up. can anybody help me please?
the model is VGN-FZ21Z all thay shows up on the VAIO camera capture Utility is a blue screen saying Input
Alright i will do thank you. if there is something you do reccomend me doing before i go then tell me though


  1. jamiepsg1 says:

    if the camera is built in there should be no need to install it, im on a vaio now and all you need to do is go to programs and ‘VAIO Camera Capture Utility’for web cam/camera/video

    what model do you have?

    - hmm sounds like a manufacturing problem, i’d recommend calling sony or going to a local sony store and they should be able to sort it for you ^^

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