Sony Vaio still broken?

I have tried to restore my sony Vaio netbook to factory settings but its near impossible.
I have tried F10 and Altl but this brings up the edit boot menu and when I press enter it tries to boot up there is no Vaio recovery and when I do repair your computer factory recovery isnt an option.

I don’t have a disk becuase it come of the internet and I didnt make one. Does any one know how to factory restore this?


  1. Try enabling plug and play OS in bios settings, burn the installation media iso to the flash drive then boot from it and then you can reinstall your operating system. If you have windows make sure you find your product key.

    ~good luck

  2. jerry t says:

    this is a sony forum where they help people resore the vaio to factory settings. Post your question there. They seem to be able to help everyone.

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