Sony Vaio SB or Dell or Acer? WHY?


  1. Your question is based on peoples diffrent personal experiences on computer brands. The computer brands are just the onces who assembles the computer for you, so instead of looking for computer after what brand is it, look for computer after what hardware it has gotten. Btw when looking for computer, you might have looked on scales that shows that some brands hold for longer time than other. When looking at those you must remember that price, size and your personal maintainance all are connected. When buying a computer that costs more because it is a brand(alienware, mac, dell etc.) the computer is often more exspensive and smaller, which means that people takes extra good care of it, and that it is less likely to break if dropped or such. With cheaper computers(not worse) people tend to take less care than with more exspensive computer. So dont go after a specifik brand, go after the hardware inside.

    But if i should recommend you anyway which brands you shouldn´t buy, i wouldn´t buy alienware or mac, as they are EXTREMELY overpriced, nether would i go for a computer in the Sony Vaio series or a dell, as they too are very overpriced. So IF i had to go for one of the 3 brands, WITHOUT knowing the hardware specifications, i would take the acer, as the hardware inside is the same, but with the acer being much cheaper.

    Btw quality isen´t better just because a computer is more exspensive.

  2. All the same. look for what’s inside the laptop not the brand name.

  3. Paffy Power says:

    I have Sony Vaio SA, is very very very fast for a 13 inch laptop. The only thing that is not working anymore on it is the gobi 3G modem. That is the only problem I have with it until now. I had a ACER which monitor was dead after few months, and dell pc`s I had a lot of problems with XPS with the graphic cards they brokedown.

  4. In the past I have had 2 Acers, 1 Sony Vaio and a Dell, The best one I have ever had was the Sony Vaio,
    Basically both of the Acers I had both died within 4 months, They had warrenty but took Acer 4 months to give me my laptop back, So I will never buy an Acer ever again.
    The Sony was the next laptop I got after the Acer’s, This one is the best, its now 2-3 years old, my brother has it and it is still very fast and fully functional, I wish I never sold it
    I now have an Alienware which is made by Dell, It was great for 1 year, Now im having Graphics Card faults, Blue Screens, the speed is sooo slow.
    So from my experience I would highly recommend the Sony Vaio, I have never had a problem with it and neither has my brother.
    A little background info on my, I use my computers a lot, I do programming, web design, Graphics, Video editing, music, photos and much much more, So I do use them to their full potential, so I can honestly say which one is the most reliable.

    Hope this helps

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