sony vaio problem?

i have tried to install 2 diff printers on my vaio with no sucess….and now today i bought a external hard drive which is plug and play and it is not finding it ….so i am guessing the problem lies with the usb….is there a driver for the usb …or has anyone else come across this problem before


  1. Tom1999 says:

    If your Sony Vaio uses Windows XP or Vista then no it should not need a seperate USB driver. Check your Device manager (in Control Panel).

  2. Simon Williams says:

    There is a driver for your usb controller, and should be on the disc that came with the laptop. An easier way is to right click on My Computer, click on Properties, and click on device manager. If your USB controller has a ? on it, it needs reinstalling. If not, right click on it and click on update driver, then get Windows to look online for the driver

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