Sony Vaio or Toshiba laptop?

I’m specifically looking at these two…opinions?{Sony}+

Thanks for any thoughts!


  1. i have had both toshiba and sony vaio and i think sony vaio are much much better but that is just my opinion

  2. Both are good. Toshiba will perform slightly better due to Celeron CPU in terms of apps. Sony will be good for watching movies and casual gaming. Keyboard layout looks good, guess its a chiclet keyboard.

  3. I have had both a Toshiba and a Sony Vaio laptop and personally i prefer the Vaio. The Vaoi you are looking at is the one i have at the moment and I love it although it does have a weird mouse pad which you get used to and now i couldn’t go back to a normal one. Toshiba’s also have problems with the fans on them and the one on mine broke and also the chargers kept on braking and it cost a fortune replacing them. The Vaoi is also in my opinion better looking as well although i preferred typing on the toshiba.

    Hope this helps

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