Sony Vaio or Samsung laptop? ahh?

Hello, Im looking to get a laptop this afternoon and im completely torn between the -

SONY VPCEH3B1E/W.CEK 15.5" @ £449.99
or the
SAMSUNG Series 3 NP300V5A-A04DX 15.6 @ £429.99

I know the specs of both and the price difference isn’t too drastic, i just want to know which one brand has the best track record? Which is more reliable?
Basically im going to mainy be making music on the laptop.
I’ve always wanted a Vaio but i really like the sound of the Samsung.

What would you recomend?

Thanks in advance
Tom (:


  1. John Kaiser says:

    my answer is out of the box but:

    try hp.and its cheap but more is too expensive(my mom told me hp laptops are only Php 50,000(convert it to pounds,i didnt have much time to convert them)but VAIO laptops are Php 100000,well it depends on the brand and model.some are half of the price but too small to be used.)

  2. Google for some reviews would be your quickest way to get a helpfull opinion

  3. nathanael_inkson says:

    Sony has a reputation of being overpriced however they really do make very nice machines.
    Samsung make the best screens in the business and probably make the screens for the sony.

    You can probably get higher spec machines for a lower price by companies like asus.
    However I have loved every samsung and sony product I have ever bought so its up to you.
    Both companies make very reliable hardware.
    Check out reviews before you buy.

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