Sony vaio or Lenovo Ideapad?

I’m looking to get either a Lenovo ideapad z500 or the Sony vaio fit 15E. I’m wondering, just in terms of build quality and durability, how are they? Each as I can see have their pros and cons, such as the Lenovo not having a 1080p screen, and the Sony being made of plastic.
Does anyone own one of these laptops and wouldn’t mind sharing their thoughts?


  1. David Greene says:

    I’d go for Sony Vaio.

  2. Instanswers says:

    I own the Sony vaio fit 15e and can tell you that the laptop is very durable and a very good laptop. Apart from the plastic case, the screen is crystal clear and Windows works at light speed. My specific laptop has a 2 gigabyte graphic card and I can play any game with absolutely no lag. Between the Lenovo and the Sony, I would definitely choose the Sony due to the display, graphics and overall brand value.

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