Sony Vaio or HP laptop?

I’m getting a laptop tomorrow. I was going to get a HP which is a 750 GB hard drive and 6GB RAM memory. Also 4.5 hours battery life.
But everyone is saying I should get a Sony Vaio. The only Vaios I can find have a 320 GB hard drive and a 4 GB RAM memory.
So clearly HP’s are better? Or no? I need a laptop that will store a LOT of music, a LOT of photos and a LOT of essays. I will also being watching DVDs and things like iplayers. I may also play the sims3 aswell.
Any advice please?


  1. saphire flame says:

    dont go with mac. its waste
    buy hp or dell. if u r music lover go for hp dv6100 or hp envy with beats audio.
    sony vaio is also good.but expensive.
    consider gfx card first before hdd and ram . 4 gb ram is enough.
    320 gb hdd is less. u should get at least 500gb.
    dont ignore gfx card . it plays very important role in computers perfomance. u should get something better than amd 6470 or nvidia 410m

    hp dv6 6120tx offers i5 2410 ,4gb ram,beats audio,amd 6490gfx,1920* 1080 res(very good).3.5 hr batt, 2.3 kg, fingerprint reader. all this for considerble price

  2. whatafooliam says:

    HP, I’ve not had any problems with the HP’s I have had. If I did the tech support is hands down the best of the best.

  3. Yes Vaio is better than HP, but 750 GB and 6 ram vs 320 GB and 4 ram, clearly you should get the HP.

    Here if you buy 3 pizzas they give you a HP in supermarkets


  4. go with HP

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I hate to say it but go with a Mac. I hate pcs personally. I have about 7,000 music files and everytime I would put them on a pc it would do nothing but slow the whole thing down. I think a snail would move faster. But once I got a Mac I have zero problems. I have all my music on it plus more and it still turn on as fast as the day I bought it and works just as fast. I kno they are quite expensive but they are worth the money. You’ll never need another laptop again.

  6. armykidd23 says:

    Number one, Vaios are just brand name. They are more expensive for the sony name. HP is pretty good. If you want to store music, pictures, games etc. I would suggest buying an external hard drive. They aren’t that expensive and they give you a chance to back-up your files.
    One more thing Toshiba is made by Sony.. Hope this helps.

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