Sony vaio network adapter?

i have trouble staying connected to the internet wirelessly. have spoken to sony who have told me to uninstall the wireless driver, surely that would stop me altogether???? also the wireless adapter says its working perfectly when i click onto it.


  1. Microsoft Mac and Linux expert says:

    My friend, I think you should call the Sony support again, or show them in their own eyes, what is the problem. If your Vaio is on the 1-year warranty, they can repair for you. Otherwise, you will need to re-install the Wi-Fi driver.
    1. Go to: Start> type: Device Manager> Open> Look for the driver> Right-click it> click "Uninstall" > Reboot your Vaio> go to: > click on : Support > tell that you uninstalled your wi-fi driver and that you need another and say the model of your vaio > they will send you the driver and then you install it. Hope I helped!

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