Sony Vaio Laptops. Should I buy one??

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks endlessly searching for a laptop to buy. I basically want one to use for making word docs, giving powerpoint presentations, analysing data and probably going on the internet. After relentlessly researching what the different specs mean, and which companies offer good value for money, I have been seduced by a beautiful-looking Sony Vaio, which just looks soooo nice!! So, my question is, would I be really foolish to buy a Sony or are they actually a good (as well as good-looking) laptop? Also, bearing in mind that my budget is around £700, which model would be best? Thanks.


  1. thejedi says:

    The biggest advantages with Sony machines are the screens and the qudos you get with owning one. A lot of them are delicate things though and for the price you pay you don’t get any greater performance than say a Fujitsu which are becoming a bloody good manufacturer. If you are spending £700 and really need performance, go for another brand like HP or Fujitsu. With that said though, the VAIO VGN-FE machines are nice, perform well and not too much as VAIO’s go. Still about £950 though!

  2. mulbarton32 says:

    go for the Sony Vaio

  3. Devil M says:

    i would suggest go for dell.. more value for money.
    you can’t go wrong with sony and i must admit that they just too good to resist,,, but you have to consider cost factor as well

  4. melisia05 says:

    If you like the laptop and it fits your budget then you should buy it. I wish I had the money that you have because if I did I would buy one.

  5. prof_washu says:

    yes sonys are great laptops, I have dirt old sony picture book (PCG-C1X, thats the model) and its almost 5 years old, and it hasnt given me any trouble, I just upgraded the memory, and its been working like a champ ever since…. just a little inside info for you. VAIO means VA= Video and Audio IO= In and out. Also Vaio is somehow relaited to Purple in Japanse, thats why the first few lines were purple and black. Sony laptops have viao etched into the plastic, because they said stick on logos look tacky. and as far as I know they are the only company to actualy etch their logo into the lid.

  6. Oh! That’s the best choise. Sony laptops are really perfect; they’re damn nice. Their LCD has a very very very good quality. If you compare them to other laptops such as compaq or toshiba, you’ll feel the difference. It’s crystal clear. Just buy it if you can afford.

  7. You should buy which laptop i have now because it is the latest version. It is also good at word documents, 6 multimedia and good mb. It is the most fastest of all. It has a high resolution when playing something from the site, it has bluetooth and remote with it. It has function keys and lots more.

    The problem is it cost £1,600 pounds including the 3 photo lab printer and the wireless mouse.
    Ohhh, i forgot to tell you it has a lan so that you can connect to a wireless router cause i am using wireless router right now. If you are looking for a nice laptop then this is the most best to use. Cause it is the latest version and has evrything you need. If you want a picture of it, well i can send some to you if you wanna see it.

  8. ktr_bava says:

    I have had multiple Sony laptops at work and they have all been beautiful. Just remember you are paying extra for the Sony name. The only issue I ever had was on an old model were one of the keys would pop off. It was only that one model.
    Make sure you get more then a 1 year warranty

  9. UnknowN™ says:

    yes~!you should buy it the computer!!!

  10. overpriced
    check e-bay for all models

  11. angel louie says:

    My sisters have got a Sony Vaio each and they love them Try this one : Sony Vaio BX195EP – VGN-BX195EP
    Product Details

    Our Price : £539.95
    Was : £599.95
    You Save : £60
    Ex.Vat : £459.53

  12. philtuz73 says:

    yes i prefer vaio to any other makes

  13. Dreamy K says:

    I used to work for Sony, and did support for all their products. Sony is a great product, however, over priced. Make sure you do not get an Intel p4 but yet get an Intel Mobile…or AMD Turion processor, this will be the best power wise..and heat wise..

    Other than that it’s a great decision..and investment

  14. mathew t says:

    i think it a great computer.

  15. shelleigh says:

    no i would buy its a great laptop

  16. The Sony Vaio’s do look very nice and I’ve only heard good things about them from the people I know that have one. Infact, I’m thinking about replacing mine with one.

  17. Go for a Dell Inspiron 600. Will have all the tools you’ll need to do pretty much anything. Son’y are nice but are more fashionable than practical in my opinion.

  18. dancer_486 says:

    whichever one you want

  19. greendyker says:

    Sony is the last name you should consider if budget is an issue. Their mark up is huge. It’s decent stuff, just overpriced.

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