sony vaio laptop?

can you tell me a website which will give me details on it, its specification etc?

also if you own one, can you tell me if its good, etc?



  1. Look for a number similar to this: PCV-RS310

    that would be your specific model number. Then do a google search for "Your model specifications"

  2. CRAZEDandDAZED says:

    type in sony vaio laptop on google and you’ll find a million websites.
    my sister has one and i like it alot more than mine (i have an acer)

  3. for UK, the website is the click on VAIO laptops

    Sony-Vaio Laptops have the best LCDs (X-black) amongst all laptops (WIDE ANGLE VIEW), battery life and the lightest wight. if the laptop is for a home personal use like playing media, Itunes, internet, email. then consider the NR, CR and FZ series. if for bussiness then you have the GX, SZ and TZ. if you are looking for (portable PC) then the AR is one to go for.

    Good luck

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