Sony Vaio laptop help ?

I have around £850 to spend on a new laptop and I was thinking about getting a Sony Vaio, which model/series would be best for me?

What I want is one which is very good at playing pc games in near- top graphics, one that is very fast ( logging in, loading time, ect ) and one that is reliable, lasts a long time and has a lot of memory.


  1. MEDHANE W says:

    i agree with the first answer, sony prices are a little extra than other brands with the same specs. i would recommend DELL gaming laptops, believe me when i tell you this dell has the best durability than any other laptops. try this link and see what u can find

  2. My Advice to you : NEVER BUY A VAIO
    you can get better performance with a HP Laptop

  3. Its hard to say which, But you need a GOOD Graphics card.

    Try Customizing One With Sony ->

    Also I’d Avoid Vista All together, And Use Firefox, NOT Internet Explorer.

    Also Laptops have never been as good as Desktop Computer’s For Games.

  4. Sony laptops are overpriced, you can get more for your money elsewhere.

    I would suggest looking at Toshiba or (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) Dell. There durability and price to performance ratios are good.

    If your feeling luck you could even try HP. I don’t think you’ll get anything for the money you want but they make awesome laptops.

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