Sony Vaio Laptop – Any Good?

I have researched and refined which laptop to purchase and am strongly considering the Sony Vaio AR71M Model? Are Vaio viable purchases? Is there a laptop available within the £799 that is more suited to the needs of an Animator? The Vaio has Nvidia 8400

Any information at all would be of use regarding laptop purchases.


  1. Sony Vaios are overpriced. The only reason to buy one is its excellent physical design.

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    It helped me decide on mine.

  2. moforeport says:

    I’m not familiar with Animator. However, I run a lot of processor-heavy programs and I find that any laptop under $1000 doesn’t run it properly.

  3. says:

    Sony Products uses A or B grade motherboads and micro-components like transistors, microchips and hardware parts meaning that these microcomponents can withstand a longer life-span in usage certified internationally under normal condition, never trashed on the floor or abused by intention.
    Many service centres to repair nationwide if there is a need to send for servicing or upgrades and able to fulfill waranty as drafted in international boundaries

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