Sony Vaio FW11E laptop – good or bad?

I will prob buy this laptop for around £600.

16.4" screen
P8400 – 2.26ghz processor
3gb ram
250gb hdd
integrated camera

This may be a stupid question but if i use the internet or any program or play football manager 2009 will it fill the whole 16.4"screen or will there be two gaps on either side?


  1. It’s a very good laptop. I have one at home. It also comes with a 60 day trial of Office 2007 which is good :)

    I play Supreme Commander on it at home, and what I don’t really like is the gaps on either side.

    Also, I have to play it on low res as otherwise it crashes.

    I hope you buy it and not a Toshiba, Acer, Asus or a HP!

    Get a Dell if you have to.

  2. says:

    I am not a gamer but one thing i know is that 99% of programs can be maximised by simply pressing FULL SCREEN mode or F11
    A gaming computer should have a very good graphics card

  3. mikedamirault says:

    If you plan on playing games, don’t get a Sony Vaio, if that model fully supports DirectX 10, then that’s all it’s going to support, so when DirectX 10b or c, or DirectX 11 comes out, the video card will not be able to support it, and if you attempt to update, any games that require DirectX will fail to load, also, if you plan on burning Video DVDs, don’t even think about running Click to DVD, it always stops responding midway through

    When I got my Vaio, I had nothing but problems after setting it up, and the same problems seem to happen on every Vaio I have ever used

    I would say, instead of getting a Vaio, it may be a better idea to get a Dell or HP, Toshibas are also quite nice, I personally prefer Dell though as, even though they have poor tech support now, the computers themselves run fine, at least I have never had a problem, and unlike the Vaio, I never had a problem with DirectX or burning DVD Videos

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