Sony vaio C series or S series?

I’m buying new notebook and decided to choose one from vaio family. I’m thinking of vaio C series (14′) or vaio S series (13,3′).

I know that the one from S series is quite better (better quality, 3G modem, windows professional, lighter etc.) and probably more mobile, but the thing is I am student right now and probably I will use it only in home, maybe bring it on holidays or something, and I don’t really need this for games (except some mmorpg), since I have console. Rather for Internet, some useful stuff for school etc.

So please help me with choosing, or if you want maybe you can recommend some other good notebook (<14′ screen).

Thank you


  1. Sony Vaio VPC-S132GX/B 13.3 is beautiful! The texture of it, is a little rough on the outside, so it wont slip, finger prints on the outside are not really noticeable, much less on the inside,has a smoother feel on the inside but still finger print or scratches free. The charger, total new design, carved vaio on it, also on the tip of the connection, longer extension cord on both sides, all thou they did mess up by attaching one of the sides to the charger.. im a bit of a klutz, so im afraid of accidently pulling it hard and ripping it, sony in the future.. yea.. detached both ends for ppl like me lol

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