Sony Vaio Are among the best laptops? Only price is more?

Apple and Sony are best. Isn’t it?


  1. I own a Sony VAIO – the price isn’t actually that much more, and the build quality is superb. You are, however, paying for a brand name. The same spec laptop from HP or Acer will probably be around £100 less.

    That said, when I was looking for a laptop, I found that if you buy direct from Sony they have deals on that can get you more for your money. I was torn between an Acer + a Sony VAIO (secretly I wanted the VAIO because it does look much better; despite the fact I usually don’t buy based on aesthetics).

    The Sony was £180 more, but when I went through the customisation page on the Sony website, they started throwing freebees at me. I got an upgraded processor, upgraded disk drive, and a free Blu-Ray reader/writer. This sold it to me, as even though it was £180 more than the Acer, I got all the extras plus a much better looking laptop.

    As for Apple, a friend of mine paid £1300 for his Macbook, which has lower specs than my VAIO (£800). I don’t see how they can justify that, which is why I would never buy a Mac (£500 for lower specs, just because it’s in a pretty white case with an Apple logo??).


  2. I’ve only had a sony for a year and a half and upgraded to a macbook pro. Me personally, I hated the vaio. It was too sensitive and not worth a cent that I paid. Maybe it was a preference thing, but not worth it.

    When I was purchasing it though, I was told that if you weren’t going to buy an apple, sony would be the next best thing. Now as far as best laptops, actually dell is "said" to be the best laptop on the market. Apple, is in its own category and i don’t think you can really compare an apple to a PC.

  3. Sony’s are very good multimedia computers. But their do command a price premium.

    But "best laptop" ever? No.

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