Small problem with ACER 5051 Laptop………………?

Every time I start up the computer and log in, a bubble comes up in the try at the bottom of the desktop saying something like "The eNM Tray has encountered a problem/stopped working and needs to close."

It has something to do with showing the internet connection, and yet the internet still connects. But when I go into the Acer eNet Management to find the internet connection, it doesn’t show anything like it should do such as how strong the connecton is or how fast it is etc.
It’s not a major problem as the internet connects fine, but it’s annoying how the message keeps coming up and I cannot see how the connection is doing from there. Yes, I can check elsewhere for the connection but it is the fastest way to do so.

Anyway, is there a way of fixing this problem?

I heard that you have to restore your computer to fix this, but I don’t really want to go through all that for a small unimportant problem like this.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you x



  1. dgaguine says:

    enm tray is the easy network manager, ideally you should uninstall it from the control panel, programs and features, add/remove. You should then reinstall it from your driver disks or download it from the acer website first

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