Should I get the iPad 4?

I currently have the iPad 2 16GB and I love it. The reason why I want to get a new iPad is because my iPad only has 1GB left. I wanted to know which iPad I should get(iPad mini or iPad 4), what storage(32GB or 64GB), or if I should wait for the next generation iPad.


  1. starpc11 says:

    The ipad mini is a great deal already tested it out about 7.4 inches similar to the samsung 7.0 tablet but cost a little more about 329.00 and is on backorder , good luck on getting one storage 32 gb would be enough if not until a lot of pictures , music , docs

  2. Wilsonp61 says:

    I would go with the Mini. It seems like a great size, as I find the Original iPad a little big. And the good news if you buy the mini is, you can get the 64gb model for a little more than the cost of a 16gb iPad 4th gen. The Mini is $529 for 64gb (wifi only) while the Ipad 4th gen is $500 for 16gb

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