Should I get iPhone or Sony Vaio laptop for my birthday?

I like the iPhone and the laptop but I’m confused what to get.
Why don’t all you haters saying ‘I’m greedy’ just piss off?


  1. laptop. iPhones break way to easily. i have gone through 2 so far.

  2. i would get the laptop unles you already have a laptop in your house hold then i would get the iphone.

  3. iPhone! its great, apple provides you with all the support! I have one its great! its like a little laptop also! you have internet and almost everything that a laptop has.

  4. Rekaut N says:

    Get the laptop.

  5. Stupid answer guy says:

    How about, dont be so greedy and demanding?

  6. Sony Vaio definitely. Don’t buy anything Apple, it’s all a giant conspiracy…

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