Should I get an ipad?

I’m 14 and I’m in highschool , what would and ipad be great for and what would it help me with


  1. Its up to u depends what classes u do. If u want to save money just get a laptop or a tablet they do the same and are much cheaper.

  2. Tien Long says:

    If you want to. It’s just a device with cool stuff from Apple, it can be convience for you to chop down note, calculator, etc, like a mini laptop, it really doesn’t help much with your education but to play around with it during your spare time yes.

  3. Magdala says:

    Yes. I mean i would but i dont have the money to waste on electronics. Its very fun. Or so i have heard. You can download apps, play games and video chat. Its just like a fone bug better. Yet i dont think u can call with it. Just video chat.

  4. Alex Clark says:

    The iPad has a big screen and gives more detail with its amazing retina display. It could help you with anything now that it has Siri(iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPad 4).

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