Should I buy a apple notebook?

Are apple notebooks actually better than other normal laptops?


  1. i think so,,an apple a day keeps the doctor away

  2. kaleiascope says:

    It depends on what you need the notebook for, you can find a suitable notebook of another brand at a more affordable price.

  3. Toizang M says:

    get a pc is better ,u can even play latest games with apple u can not
    because apple software is unable to handle heavy applications mim talking about heavy games.4 example crysis.
    g luck

  4. phoenix says:

    yes because they have a different operating system called Mac OS X :)

  5. Hi MailHon,

    Well it depends what you want to do with your apple notebook,if you want to use for video editing,picture editing etc go for it
    Mac OS is fantastic and more secure than any other OS.Its not targeted as much as Windows.

    If you are a gamer don’t as the price your going to spend on a mac book you can spend on a Desktop/Laptop with better specs for gaming

    If you are using it for simple stuff like a Home computer i would recommend trying it out

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