Samsung or Acer laptop?

Which laptop would be better for me all in all? I can’t decide.

Just for web browsing and playing sims 3

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  1. The Acer has 3 GB ram vs 2 GB ram on the Samsung, it also has a slightly better processor. But not of these laptops will be able to play Sims 3 without lag. The Samsung does have a dedicated graphics card which would help but it isn’t that powerful. The Acer laptop has better built quality than the Samsung.

    Go with Acer, it will last longer and you get your money’s worth.

  2. Phillip Krol says:

    The Samsung… Its Better. I have an acer and the hard drive went bad and acer is known for it….. So if you dont want problems go with a Samsung…………………… Plus Samsung makes great tv’s and phones so why not go with a laptop……

  3. harshmehrotra12 says:

    Samsung is best in phones so Acer would be better choice.

  4. Harrison H says:

    you should ask the IT guy at your work or school what he thinks of acer. Look at what he carries himself and what he deploys. We deploy and use dell, hp, compaq, apple, lennovo, sony, samsung, asus, toshiba, etc. We NEVER deploy acer. You never see an IT guy carring an acer around, altough we might buy an acer desktop during a black friday sale, But only if it is a killer sale and only because we know how to fix ‘em. We know it’s just a matter of time. You never see a guy in college that is workig toward an IT degree with an acer.

    Acer/emachines/gateway are the LEAST reliable comany in the biz. They may be a couple of dollars cheaper on the initial purchase, but they have MUCH higher "total cost of ownership". We are the guys they call when things go wrong. We don’t want to work harder than we already do so we don’t use acer.

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