Samsung Laptop or SOny Vaio which is better?

any way I had bought Samsung already just like to know .

SAMSUNG Series 3 NP305E5A 15.6" Laptop – Silver from £680 reduced to £420
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Memory: 6GB
Hard drive: 1TB

SONY VAIO SVE1511K1EW 15.5" Laptop – White £480
Intel® Core™ i3-2370M processor
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Memory: 4GB
Hard drive: 750GB
Battery life: Up to 4.5 hours battery life


  1. Go 4 Samsung…Sony brands are meant to drain ur pockets …even if in this case it’s £60 & with samsung ur getting 2 gb more memory and 250 GB HD space !

    Did not notice — U already bought samsung…Wise choice mate!

  2. Derrick McMillan says:

    Samsung all day, everyday. :)

  3. Scarr_Symmetry says:

    Samsung is like Gonorrhea, it’s curable but it still sucks.
    Sony is like herpes, it’s crap, everybody who sees it knows you have it.
    Don’t get either, Samsung is garbage and Sony is overpriced garbage.
    For laptops? Go ASUS, and ASUS only, however do NOT get an ASUS gaming laptop.
    For gaming, build a desktop.

  4. Tresidentevil says:

    Sony are a MUCH better brand for laptops. Far superior build quality.

  5. Technician27 says:


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