Replacement Battery for Sony Vaio?

I have found numerous websites that sell the battery I need but am unsure how reliable these online stores are. Does anyone know of a ‘trusted’ online store? The laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-FW31J. Thanks.


  1. The duracell store is a major brand but amazon should be fine, most sites should offer a 1yr warranty after that it comes down to price and availability.

    Also you have the choice of getting the original sony replacement or a compatible (non-sony replacement). These are also available in higher capacities (but these tend to be bigger and may extend out of the back or underneath the laptop)

    As you say if you do a google search you will get plenty of hits|countryGB&cr=countryUK|countryGB&sa=X&ei=QV6oTebBGcrIhAepx8GlDw&ved=0CCYQpwUoAQ&fp=ac1173e8e69c353d

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